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              MSA Series IE3 hIgh efficiency asynchronous motors

              Update: 2015/3/28 View:
              • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
              • Type: MSA Series
              • Order Online

              MSA Series IE3 hIgh efficiency asynchronous motors

              1. Energy savings. Option of  IE3 High Effciency or premium Effciency.
              2. The effciiency levels defined in IEC60034-30 are based ontest methods specified in IEC 60034-2-1:2007.
              3. Insulation Class F,B or H available upon request.
              4.Aluminum motor housing ,
              5.Output :0.25HP~25HP ,  
              6. lownoise and viberation.
              7. Special design for Industrial service.
              8. Standard ISO / EN / DIN Motors
              9. Three phase induction mottors acc.to IEC34 and VDE 0530 standard voltage and frequency 220/380v(±10% tolerance)/50Hz
              10. special voltage/frequency 230v240v,60Hz available on request.
              11. Motors are principally suited for frequency conversation up to 500vrated voltage. Please contact with our tech department for possible modification of the bearings as well as the addition of external fans for drives with constant torque characteristic.
              12. Protection class on IP55 or IP54 inaccordance with DIN 34.
              13. Temperature class “F”buitlt to EN60034-1 ,The thermal stress of the motors complies with temperature class “F”resulting in a power margin . Optional the insuation can be designed in class H.
              14. The MS series high efficiency three phase induction motor be used for general motors and can be used to drive all knds of general purpose machines such as compressors , ventilators,pumps,and used such as petol chemical , medical , chemical industries , ect.

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